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University of Hargeisa started operation in 2000, is the only chartered public university in the Republic of Somaliland and the largest University in Somaliland as a whole. It is the leading higher education institution and is committed to providing a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses.

It is the goal of the university to give all graduates the skills needed for success in their futures careers and to contribute to wider processes of educational and professional development in Somaliland. “TOWARDS A BETTER FUTURE” Is our motto and we take pride in living it every day.


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Admission Deadlines

  • Admission Starts: September 16 of every year.
  • Admission Ends: October 19 of every year.
  • Admission Exam Day: October 23 of every year.

Extensions to the admission period due to public holidays, governmental elections or some other factors will be notified to the public.

Admission Procedure

All students interested in applying and sitting for the entrance exam of The University of Hargeisa are required to submit their high-school transcripts and certificate both in original format and in copies along with four head-shots with the admission fee of $25 to admission staff at entrance of the University Of Hargeisa, the admission staff once the students arrives at the university will be more then happy to assist them queries and concerns.

Admission Requirements

Admission to undergraduate programs shall be based on completion of the secondary education and obtaining the necessary pass mark in University Entrance Examination.

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In this competitive and dynamic world, without higher education and research institutions providing a critical mass of skilled and educated people, no country can ensure genuine indigenous and sustainable development. University of Hargeisa recognizes the fact that, a critical minimum level of research capacity and dissemination in the country is a pre-requisite to a technologically developed nation.

The University which is currently the biggest and leading national institution of higher learning in Somaliland, has the mandate bestowed upon it by the law to conduct research, disseminate and publish research outputs and innovations, and provide community services. Since its inception, the university has been active in the teaching/learning process, however, the university was not strongly engaged in research and knowledge transfer.

To this effect the contribution of the university in national development was minimal. In 2016 the University has established a directorate for research and community service in order to fill this gap. To feel the gap, the office of research and community service has taken the initiative to both improve the research culture and output as well as serve the local community.

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